Brendan Benson: Madrid, Moby Dick (English)

Brendan Benson seems like a good lad. That’s feeling you get from his albums: nice, simple, far from stardom, a little bit sad. He could be your neighbour. That’s what we wanted to check in his Madrid gig. The traveling was worth it.

The place was quite full (few tickets left) when his mate Young Hines came onstage for a warm up. He tried, and in a way he achieved his purpose. His basic rock is good, is nice, but no more than that (still). He’ll probably get better; after all, he only has a record out there (produced by Brendan, by the way). Still, he managed to get people singing, so you can’t really expect more.

Then it was Brendan’s moment. And there he was. Easy way in, no big surprise, got his guitar, and he started to play. Full of rythim, full of feeling, direct, close. Some new songs at the beginning (light of day, Bad for me, etc) mixed with some classic tunes (Metarie was played pretty early in the show, as usual; Garbage Day, Cold Hands, What I’m looking for, …). Everybody knew the songs, and the atmosphera was excellent.

He didn’t really play longer versions of the songs or alternative takes. None of that. Just straight, and direct. For some, maybe they expected some more rock-star pose, something different to the album take, more interaction with the public, maybe even with the band. If that would have happened, maybe it wouldn’t be Brendan.

After a short brake (“need to smoke!” he confesed), he went back with what was suppossed to be a never-before: Jet lag live version. We discovered later than he already played it before, lots of years ago. Still, great song, great performance, with the help of Young Hines (who put the funny side to Brendan’s sadness). We leave the video here.

The concert was quite short (80 minutes) but still left everybody with a smile in their faces.

Now we know the Brendan we hear is real. And we just want some more of it.

Hope it’s soon!


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